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Rapper Blueface arrested in Las Vegas on attempted murder charge

Blueface has received bail after being arrested and hit with an attempted murder charge, and is expected to be released from custody. The rapper, who was detained on Tuesday (Nov. 15) and sent to Clark County Detention Center, appeared in court on Wednesday (Nov. 16), where a judge set his bail at $50,000. The judge noted that “[It is] likely that Mr. Porter is going to make that bail.” In accordance with the bail stipulation, Blueface agreed to have no contact with the alleged victim, to communicate with his attorneys and to stay out of trouble.

Wack 100, the artist’s manager, and girlfriend Chrisean Rock were both present at the court hearing and shared their reaction to the news of him receiving bail on social media. “Lawyer threw them gloves on and we beat another case,” Wack said in a video posted on Rock’s Instagram account, referencing lyrics from Compton rapper The Game’s song “Ali Bomaye.” Rock, who has been dating Blueface for at least the past year, wrote “His family here is we got him Daddy coming home,” in the caption of the clip.

The 25-year-old rap star’s attempted murder charge stems from an Oct. 8 incident in Las Vegas, during which he is accused of firing shots into a vehicle. Following his arrest, footage of the alleged crime surfaced, which captures a man who appears to be Blueface standing outside of a venue with a group of men and a woman. A car, driven by a man who was involved in an altercation with the “Thotiana” rapper’sentourage inside of the venue, is seen pulling up to the group. According to TMZ, after the driver reportedly asks, “Who hit me?!,” the man resembling Blueface appears to approach the vehicle and fire shots as the man flees the scene.

Rock, who was present at the time of his arrest, took to social media shortly after, voicing her support for her beau in a series of posts. “Everybody that keeps saying it’s a sign to leave — what the f**k is you talking about?” the reality TV star said in the clip.

“Stop playing. Ni**as never left me when I went in. I’m going to court tomorrow and that’s all that matters. He coming home, I don’t know what y’all talking about. But tune in on our documentary, our TV show on the Zeus network, we outside.” She continued, adding, “Don’t be surprised when I get another chain with his face, another tat on my face. What? What’s up? I’m riding, I’m sliding. F**k is you talking about?”

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