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NLE CHOPPA'S Bank Account was in the Negative he invested in his song " Shotta Flow"

That $340 Investment turned him into a multi-millionaire years later.

NLE Choppa, the Memphis-born rapper known for his hit song "Shotta Flow," has recently made a smart move by investing in the success of the song.

"Shotta Flow," which was released in 2019, quickly became a viral sensation and has since amassed over 300 million streams on Spotify alone. The song's catchy hook and Choppa's unique flow helped it gain widespread popularity, and it's clear that the artist has a bright future in the industry.

But Choppa isn't content to simply ride the wave of "Shotta Flow's" success. Instead, he's taking a proactive approach by investing in the song's continued popularity. This includes hiring a team to help promote the song and create new content related to it.

One way Choppa has invested in the song is through music videos, he has released several music videos for "Shotta Flow," each one garnering millions of views on YouTube. These videos not only showcase Choppa's talents as a rapper, but they also keep the song in the public eye, ensuring that it continues to generate streams and revenue.

Another way Choppa has invested in "Shotta Flow" is through merchandise.

He has released a line of clothing and accessories featuring the song's title and lyrics, which allows fans to show their support for the artist and the song.

But Choppa's investment in "Shotta Flow" isn't limited to just music videos and merchandise. He's also been doing live performances, touring and collaborations with other artists to keep the song's popularity up.

It's clear that Choppa understands the importance of investing in a song's success, and his efforts are paying off. "Shotta Flow" continues to be a popular song and has helped establish Choppa as a force to be reckoned with in the rap industry.

Overall, NLE Choppa's investment in "Shotta Flow" is a smart move that is helping to ensure the song's continued success. It's a strategy that other artists would do well to emulate, as it demonstrates the importance of not just releasing a hit song, but also investing in it for the long term.

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