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Nelly was the talk of Twitter on Tuesday (February 8) after a video of a woman giving him oral sex started making the rounds. The nearly minute-long clip shows the unidentified woman going at it with Nelly’s purported penis completely exposed. The explicit content was supposedly uploaded to Nelly’s Instagram Stories by mistake for his 3.3 million followers to discover.

Of course, the jokes started rolling in immediately with comments such as “Ashanti really had to love him” and “It’s not giving what I thought it’d give,” an obvious jab at his penis size. Several others also made fun of Nelly’s “moans” throughout the clip. But that was only the beginning. Post after post clowned the St. Louis rap legend while others seemed oddly satisfied by what they saw.

While Nelly is one of many, many celebrities to have their manhood exposed online, not all of them have a history of sexual assault allegations. In October 2017, Nelly was accused of sexual assault by a woman named Monique Greene who ultimately refused to cooperate with police. Although she dropped the charges, she attempted to sue him for defamation. Nelly countersued, accusing Greene of the same thing.

Two years later, another woman who’d accused him of the same crime settled with Nelly out of court. Documents filed in federal court in October 2019 state the accuser informed the judge she and Nelly “recently settled their dispute.” However, the terms of the agreement are confidential. It’s unclear if any money exchanged hands.

Despite the seriousness of Nelly’s legal troubles, Twitter can’t stop laughing at his recent indiscretion.

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