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The life of a rapper has its pros and cons, as it is never smooth sailing for anyone in the world of Hip-Hop. While there is certainly a lot of money and fame that comes with being a rapper, there is also the risk of gang warfare that ends in their deaths. French Montana also had an interesting take on rappers.

French Montana is certainly one of the rising stars in the world of Hip-Hop right now as he brings his own unique take on the genre. He is well aware of how difficult it can be to become huge stars in the Hip-Hop world.

While French Montana is currently feuding with YK Osiris over a debt, he also was recently spotted vacationing with Doja Cat in the Bahamas as the two certainly had a lot of fun. Since then fans began to speculate that the two are dating.

However, Doja Cat commented on one of French Montana’s posts on Instagram where she referred to him as her brother. Montana would reply that he loved her more.

Dating rumours can spring up at any moment for celebrities and this case is no different. Regardless, the two are certainly very close friends and that is what matters in the end.

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