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Blueface was able to sever ties with his former artist Chrisean Rock (real name Chrisean Malone) late last year — but it wasn’t exactly easy. The Los Angeles-based singer needed to be removed from the rapper’s home by police in November 2021 and now, it looks like she’s still having trouble with the law.

On Monday (February 14), Malone was arrested in Oklahoma for allegedly selling crack-cocaine and driving a stolen vehicle. The following day, Akademiks shared Malone’s mugshot in which she appears to have been crying (although she put a smile on her face for the camera). The only other details included are her sex, race, booking date and where she resides.

The trouble started last November when Chrisean Malone refused to leave Blueface’s home despite being kicked off Blueface Records. In a clip of the incident, she could be heard shouting, “I don’t live here for free. I work,” to which Blueface’s manager Wack 100replied, “You work what? What do you do?” She fired back, “I’m an artist, man. What are you talking about? I work for you.”

Wack 100 became increasingly angry as he shouted back, “You don’t work for shit. He dropped you a week ago! Two weeks ago! He dropped you!”

Blueface later explained his side of the story in an Instagram post, saying, “I don’t know what you think I did to the girl. When all of this was occurring, I was at home in my bed. I was out the night before.

My phone was dead and I’m sure people was tryin’ to call me, but it wasn’t getting through to me. [I got a call like] ‘Chrisean’s on Live with the police at your house!’ I told you Sean was done with. She was getting a little too out of hand for me. Her work ethic wasn’t there enough for me to cope with her crazy.

“Nobody touched her or put no hands on her. He was just frustrated; probably really trying to scare her. He never struck at her or got too close. I ain’t lettin’ none of that type of stuff go down, so just a bunch of emotions. She wasn’t supposed to be here at the time.”

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