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50 CENT: PenisEnlargement lawsuit puts blame on the Shade Room

In September, 50 Cent filed a lawsuit against Angela Kogan and her Perfection Plastic Surgery & MedSpa, alleging that they had used a photo of him taken at the establishment to suggest that he had undergone a penis enlargement procedure.

Kogan denied the allegations and quickly moved to dismiss the case, claiming that 50 Cent had agreed to the use of the image as payment for the services he received.However, attorneys for Kogan have countered the rapper’s allegations by pointing the finger at The Shade Room instead.

According to court documents, the defense claims that the rumors about his alleged procedure were spread due to the gossip outlet publishing the photo of Fif and Kogan together. The documents state that 50 Cent has failed to properly plead his case against The Shade Room, as they are the author and publisher of the article, and had pulled the photo from Kogan’s social media without her permission or consent.

50 Cent has maintained that he was only in the photo because he believed Angela Kogan was a fan, while Kogan has argued that the Instagram post was intended to thank the rapper for visiting her office and not actually endorsing it.

Kogan, a service provider, has filed a defense in the lawsuit brought against her by 50 Cent, claiming that she is not owed any compensation as she is not the rightful owner of the photo in question. Kogan's argument is that, although she was interviewed by

The Shade Room, the website used the photo of her and 50 Cent without her permission.

The defense asked federal judge Robert N. Scola, Jr. to dismiss the lawsuit, but he chose not to do so, pointing out the promotional value of the photo.

Judge Scola stated that the "thanks" from the defendants to Kogan amounted to self-promotion, and a trial date is set for July 3, 2023, although the parties involved may reach a settlement before then.

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