Video delivery, review and consideration by each network. Networks include MTV, BET, Vh1, CMT, MTV2, Music Choice and Vevo.   Video is delivered to each programmer and acquisitions team with each network.  The Music Registry team will communicate and consult with each network on behalf of your video and status of the submission.

The programming team decides which video's to include with each station. Once the video is "Approved" by the programming team your lyrics are reviewed by standards and practices. If the video meets all requirements and is approved for "air", a final closed captioned version will be submitted to each network. 

Closed captioning is required for video approval.

Clients will receive weekly updates, list of all networks and network programmers, comments from programmers and acquisitions.  Video must be approved prior to payment and start of campaign. Although the campaign does not guarantee video rotation, most artist receive video rotation on one network.

Please email the artist name, song title, album title, artwork, short biography, artist website, social networks and VIDEO to

You will receive a confirmation within 24hrs of video submission and payment.  Network consults and submissions will begin within 48hrs. Network updates, programmer comments, list of network programmers and consults will be provided within 10 business days. 

Music Video Placement

  • Video must be Approved 

    No Guarantee