1. Submit your MP3, budget and desired markets
or stations. Email to 
Subject: FM Airplay Consideration

2. Music will be reveiwed and surveyed within 24hrs. Confirmation, station list, campaign details, and contract will be emailed within 48hrs of submissions.   

3. Upon review, payment confirmation and signed contract, airplay will start within 7-10 days and provide weekly Mediabase and/or BDS Reports. All stations are monitored and pay royalties. Artist keep 100% of all royalties. 


Payments are held until review of music, contract and list of confirmed stations.  All confirmed stations are guranteed. Additional station will be added if one of the confirmed stations does not detect.  

All clear channel stations are available upon review of of track, budget, airplay story and desired markets.
Larger markets require an increased budget! All fm stations are provided prior to start of camapign or payment.

Campaign does NOT guarantee charting, all campaigns are developed according to specific formats and markets. All details will be included on confirmation and contract.    

FM Radio Airplay on BDS Stations

  • Must be Approved by Radio Stations

    Must Meet Radio Quality Standards

    If Denied No Refund