Encoding & MP3 Tagging

-Links to first station rotations

-Delivery to 5k stations in the US, Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Australia and Canada. Minimum of 2-4 radio formats (Urban, Urban AC, Rhythmic, Pop, Top 40, Rock, Alternative, Gospel, Christian, Jazz, Country)

-Minimum 1500+ plays during the course of the campaign.  Airplay will continue after last report!  Continued airplay is determined by response, strength of track, and all other station adds. Average of 30 days extended airplay!

-Weekly airplay reports including all station names, locations, airplay dates, times, total weekly spin count, and daily spin count.

All tracks are submitted electronically (along side all major releases) to PD's, Station Managers, and DJs for review and airplay consideration. Listening conferences and resubmissions are provided to ensure station reviews, airplay considerations and NEW adds. Track must be clean, mastered and radio quality! 

Universal Records and all other major labels require an airplay story and monitored airplay for physical/digital label distribution and promotional budgets. Log onto Fontanadistribution.com for more information.

Email your MP3 to universalrapleague@gmail.com please include the following information

Stage Name
Song Title
Album Name
Website, Facebook or Reverbnation Page
Label (not required if independent artist)

ISRC (not required)
Performance Rights Organization (BMI , ASCAP, SOCAN) 
Contact information for DJ drops or request

This information is used to create a One Sheet 
for station delivery's and consults. Confirmation will be emailed within 24hrs of payment and provide date of first detections and airplay report.  Station deliverys will begin immediately upon payment confirmation. Airplay will start within 5 business days! A
irplay reports are automated every Tuesday and emailed before 8pm PST. 

Guaranteed Airplay 

Station Delivery's Include;

FM (Clear Channel, CBS, Radio One  - All Major Markets)
Europe FM (Italy, France, Germany, London, Spain)
Brazil, Canada, UK, Amsterdam and China
Sirius Radio (Shady 45, BBC1, Sirius Jamz, XMU 
over 200 Satellite Channels)

MTV Radio

MTV2 Radio

Yahoo Radio 

VH1 Radio

AOL Radio




Syndicated Radio Shows

1 Song 5000 Stations

  • Guaranteed Services