Radio Airplay:  1 Song submitted to 1000 Radio Stations in 2 formats
Station delivery's include:  FM ,College,Sirius, MTV, VH1, AOL,Yahoo,
Tune-In, Shoutcast, Iheart, Itunes Radio,  Europe Internet and Europe FM.

OVER 150 PLAYS A WEEK, GUARANTEED- One Time Fee includes tax! 


All stations PAY royalties through performance rights and/or soundexchange, artist receive 100% of ALL ROYALTIES.

Please contact your PRO organization and Soundexchange for registration and details. All songs are submitted electronically, resubmitted and digitally delivered for download to ensure airplay consideration, reviews and AIRPLAY! 

Using the same digital system as major labels,  your music is available
for download next to major releases! Your MP3 is also submitted through 
direct links to program director, station managers, DJs and pubications!


Please email your MP3 to along with:

Stage Name
Song Title
Album Name
Website, Facebook or Reverbnation
Label Name (not required)
Performance Rights Organization 

This information is used to create a One Sheet and create delivery information. The campaign will begin within 24hrs and airplay 
within 5-6 business days.

30 Day Campaign + 3 Weekly Airplay Reports!
Reports are emailed every Tuesday before 8pm, est.

Station's Include;

FM (Clear Channel Major Markets)
On Demand 
Sirius Satellite- Over 100 Channels
AOL Music
Yahoo Music
Europe (Italy, France, Germany, London, UK, Spain)

Contract Terms: 
Payment is agreement of radio campaign terms.
Tracks must be radio quality, mastered and submitted in MP3 format.  
Campaign runs for 30 days, 3 tracking reports and guaranteed 150 weekly 
plays by the second tracking report. This plan does not guarantee fm airplay 
or rotations. For guaranteed fm rotations please call our offices 
for more information. Stations pay royalties through 
performance rights and soundexchange.
is not responsible for royalty payments or registration. 
Please complete online registration and refer to your 
performance rights organization and soundexchange 
for more details. is not responsible for 
album sales or downloads. 

Artist will not receive airplay reports on major holidays.
Reports will be emailed the following week and include spin count,
station names and total spins per station.

1 Song 1000 Stations

  • Gauranteed Service